Saying some goodbyes in Gainesville. Getting a last good look of @aybaybates7’s wet TL, tucked on 19” Klutch wheels.

First instaphoto with the iPhone. Now I have to teach this phone all my hashtags. 😭 #lexus#gs300#slammed#slammedsedans#bozopipes#slammedstance#staticscrapers#gaslikekrobath#needsmorelow


Mazda FD3S RX-7

So boyfriend stops by at work and says, “Okay, don’t be mad…” and takes me outside to show me the bozos he added onto my car.

He couldn’t have made a more perfect choice! He did exactly what I would have wanted. Just makes me hurt to think about how ballin’ my car would be at this point it it was still framed out with the Works, and my big Soshinoya badge on the quarter panel. :(

1:04 am. i haven’t changed my tumblr avatar for probably over two years.

guess it was time for a change. (●ω<)