gnarizardd asked:
Either San Diego; perfect weather, perfect vibes and beaches and people. Or San Francisco, kind of chilly but great area and scene! L.A. is alright, a lot of music venues and a plethora of different people. History in all three cities, I'd say visit each and go from there :) But you can't beat San Diego :D

This is exactly what I want to hear, thanks! [: Everyone I talk to seems to have great enthusiasm for San Diego. 

Okay, Cali followers! I need your opinion!

I have an amazing opportunity to move to California with the chance to choose wherever I want to live. Where. EVER.

If you guys could live anywhere in the state of California, where would it be and why?

I want some place that thrives in the nighttime. Relatively close to the coast, an awesome car scene, and always has shit to do, and a chill vibe. I was thinking like San Diego? 


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