Baby Diesel’s first time riding topless.

off my chest

lately, there’s been a fire inside me. 

an instinctive tenacity to anyone and anything unfamiliar. i’ve been uncontrollably guarded and aggressively defensive for the ones that i keep closest to me. angry. and although this is my true internal disposition for when there is even a scent of someone that does not have the best interest in the good nature of the people i’ve accepted as family, it takes no stimulus now. i’ve been good about being quiet about it, but i need to change this. 

i used to love people. or the thought of good company. but lately i’ve lost my trust in even believing in the idea that good company modestly exists.

december fucked me up pretty good. 

female vocal dubstep playlists help a lot. 
only if i could drive my 240,
and let the streets put my mind at ease.

I want my garage to grow up and be like C’s Garage.